Hebrew lecture notes on basic Set Theory may be found in here.

This semester, the course on Walks on Ordinals runs Thursdays, 13--16, building 105, room 4. Here are the weekly lecture notes:

Notes by A. Rinot (English) Notes by R. Shalev (Hebrew) Topics
Lecture #1 Lecture #1 The rudimentaries of walks, the first concatenation lemma, rho_2 and the associated w1-tree
Lecture #2 Lecture #2 The Lambda function and the second concatenation lemma. T(rho_2) is an Aronszajn tree
Lecture #3 Lecture #3 T(rho_2) is isomorphic to a cohrent and special Aronszajn tree
Lecture #4 Lecture #4 rho_1 and its associated coherent Aronszajn tree. The injective variation, and R-embeddability of the two
Lecture #5 Lecture #5 T(rho_1) could be nonspecial, and an initial study of abstract rho funtions
Lecture #6 Lecture #6 The class LO_I, Countryman lines, and initial classification of uncountable linear orders
Lecture #7 Lecture #7 The lexicographic ordering of T(rho_1) is a Countryman line. The partition tree of a Countryman line is an Aronszajn tree.
Lecture #8 Lecture #8 Productivity of the chain condition, L-space and S-space. Pr0 and Pr1.
Lecture #9 Lecture #9 Rotiman's theorem, Galvin's Theorem, and towards Todorcevic's theorem.
Lecture #10 Lecture #10 Complicated colroings at w1.
Lecture #11 Lecture #11 Complicated colroings at higher cardinals. In particular, Pr1(w2,w2,w) holds in ZFC.

The Set Theory seminar runs Thursdays, 10--12, building 604, room 103.